A therapy treatment exclusive and made by Spine Care Myotherapy

Development of the Spine Swing began after we had a good hard look at the two main shortfalls of traditional treatment couches.

1. The human body has evolved to move and therapists are virtually always trying to increase movement and flexibility. Traditional couches however are fixed allowing virtually no movement.

2. Lying face down as we do on traditional couches with legs out straight over-arches the lower spine and shortens the low back muscles.


The Spine Swing addresses these two problems by:


1. Encouraging free movement of the lower and mid back during treatment and,
2. Draping the patient over the swing in a 'Hands and Knees' posture that flattens the lower back and relaxes the muscles.

On top of this the Spine Swing adds a third important element, traction or stretching.  We spend most of our day upright, either standing or sitting, and being compressed by gravity. This relentless downward compression contributes to many back problems and is an important factor in joint degeneration. Traction is the reverse of gravity and has long been an important treatment for back problems.


With the Spine Swing, traction is incorporated into each treatment without the need for expensive extra visits. For you this means you get more thorough care in less visits with a lower overall fee.


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