Overview of Musculo-Skeletal system

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Your musculo-skeletal system includes your bones, muscles and connective tissue (tendons ligaments and spinal discs). In other words it is your entire skeleton as well as everything that holds it together and everything that moves it.

Your spine is the centre and most important part of your musculo-skeletal system. This is why we can refer to your spine as your ‘core’ and the muscles that support and move your spine as your ‘core muscles’.

Your musculo-skeletal system does all of your physical work, it is your ‘engine’. It is supplied with nutrients, oxygen etc by your internal organs and it is controlled by your brain but it is the musculo-skeletal system that does the work that you do.

The entire Musculo/Skeletal system works together in a beautifully balanced and coordinated way. Teams of muscles supports and guide every part of your body without you even thinking about it.

If we look after our musculo-skeletal system it should remain healthy for a lifetime.

However, because it does so much work it is prone to damage and degeneration and that is why we must look after it properly. You cannot live a full and active life if your musculo-skeletal system is not functioning.

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