What treatments do you use?
  • Myotherapy - This term was coined by an American fitness expert named Bonnie Prudden. Myotherapy translates to ‘Muscle Therapy’ and includes a variety of techniques that aim to lengthen muscles that are short or tight and to release tender, painful areas of muscles generally known as ‘Trigger Points’. 

  • Spinal Swing Therapy - The Spine Swing is a Patent Pending piece of equipment that allows us to work on your back in a way that is impossible on a normal couch. It allows us to stretch the muscles and mobilise the spine while we are working on you with massage or other techniques.

  •  Chiropractic - At this clinic we use a variety of chiropractic adjusting and mobilizing techniques with a focus on the more gentle approaches. Some clients prefer not to receive adjustments where they hear a 'click' and we cater to these clients with gentle modified techniques.

  • Exercise - Exercise is a vital component of treatment for most patients. At Spine Care Myotherapy we provide advice and instruction on specific stretching exercises to aid and enhance the effectiveness of the treatments. However we highly recommend patients seek further assistance outside our clinic for exercise to improve core stability and cardio-vascular fitness.


Could you be pain free?
What conditions do we treat?

Our focus is primarily on the Musculo-Skeletal (muscles and skeleton) system and not just specific problems but getting the whole system working as well as possible. Virtually any condition which has origins in either the muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs or joints is within our range of focus.


Specific conditions include:


  • Back pain or stiffness

  • Disc problems

  • Sciatica

  • Neck pain or stiffness

  • Headaches and certain types of Migraine

  • Shoulder pain or restrictions


What is 'Wellness' care?

But it is important to think of your spine from a wellness perspective too. Keeping your spine supple and well supported may keep it, and you, healthy and more active for life.

How is my Privacy protected?

All treatment is carried out in private rooms. Where necessary ladies are given clinic gowns and of course all patient information is strictly confidential. You can be assured your privacy and modesty are always secure.

How regularly will I need treatment?

Since moving from a strictly chiropractic practice to a whole body practice we find patients need a reduced frequency of visits. Some patients only come for a few visits until their initial symptoms are relieved.

However many people choose to continue with wellness care on a regular basis to maintain a supple spine and relaxed muscles and to prevent small problems becoming big ones.

We will make recommendations about what we feel is appropriate for you but it is always your decision.

What are the costs?

Initial consultations


Standard visit (25 Mins)


Children & pensioners


Long visit (55 mins)