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At Spine Care Myotherapy we combine gentle Chiropractic care with a range of muscle therapies (myotherapy) to give you a more comprehensive treatment approach. 


Chiropractic is a natural healing art that focuses on improving spinal alignment, mobility and flexibility. Chiropractors study for 5 years at university before graduating ‘Doctors of Chiropractic’ so they are well trained to carefully assess your health and safely treat conditions that are within their scope of practice.


Here at Spine Care Myotherapy our two principle chiropractors have a combined professional experience of over 50 years! Furthermore we have a strong commitment to treating you with a very holistic approach.  


Holistic Approach


At university chiropractors are trained to focus on manipulating the spine but there is limited training aimed at improving other aspects of spinal health.

Our personal experience suggests that patients do a lot better when we spend the time and effort to relax their muscles prior to any spinal adjustment. After all, it is the muscles, which move the spine and hold it in its correct alignment. If the muscles that support your spine are too tight they will soon ‘pull’ your spine out of line after your adjustment.


Longer Appointments


For this reason our visits are a lot longer than standard chiropractic visits. You will never feel like you have been rushed in and out the door at our clinic. We take the time at every visit to care for you thoroughly and to treat you in the manner we believe is most appropriate for you. We strongly believe in applying only gentle chiropractic techniques and always in conjunction with myotherapy, massage or other soft tissue techniques. We do not believe there are short cuts to good health and nor are there short cuts to quality health care.

Our patients appreciate the extra time we spend with them and we are sure it is the best way to give them the quality care they need.


Spine Swing


To further aid the function of both your spine and the supporting muscles we have developed the ‘Spine Swing’ to help gently stretch, mobilise and align your spine. This Patented treatment devise is so gentle that patients sometimes fall asleep on it and it is exclusive to Spine Care Myotherapy.


To read more about The Spine Swing and how it can help you please click here.

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