Mornington Deep Tissue Massage

For a Mornington deep tissue massage we here at Spine Care Myotherapy know it can be an extremely helpful treatment for conditions involving pain, tightness and restricted movement.

What is Deep Tissue Massage? 

Our Mornington deep tissue massages is a specialist massage technique that focuses on the deep muscles and connective tissues rather than the surface skin layers. The strokes are slower and the pressure applied is deeper than is the case with relaxation massage and the focus of the massage is on the areas of chronic pain, tightness and restriction.


How does Deep Tissue Massage help? 


Where there is chronic muscle tension or injury several problems usually exist.


  1. The muscles themselves are usually tight and constricted. Deep tissue massage helps to relax and lengthen these muscles.

  2. The muscles circulation is compromised which can create a pooling of waste such as lactic acid. Deep tissue massage helps to improve the circulation and lymph drainage to get rid of waste.

  3. Inflammation and tension can lead to adhesions – bands of tight, tender fibres- that are painful and prevent the muscles working smoothly. Deep tissue massage uses ‘cross fibre’ techniques to break these adhesions which not only relieve pain but also improve movement and function.


Will Deep Tissue Massage Hurt? 

If you press into a healthy muscle you should feel a deep pressure but not pain. Pressing into a tight, knotty muscle will produce some pain or discomfort and this is necessary. The patient and therapist work closely together so that the patient can comfortably tolerate the pressure applied while the therapist is still providing the benefits. Patients often describe it as ‘good pain’ and often when we leave a painful area for a while then come back to it we find that the pain is significantly less.


It is also common to experience muscle pain the following day, especially after the first visit. This is probably due to your body getting rid of the wastes that had accumulated in your muscles as it is similar to the ache associated with over exercising. The best thing is to drink plenty of water, do some gentle exercise like walking and stretches. And don’t leave it too long before your next massage or your muscle will start to tighten up and accumulate waste again.


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