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Mount Martha Back Pain

Chiropractic tips for your back pain:


  • Patients should avoid continually being bed ridden for a period of 3 or more days - Stay as active as you can!

  • Some form of exercise is the best medicine for back pain of any types whether it be lower, middle or upper. 

  • Good posture is also one of the best treatments for lower back pain, as this will re-align the spine and take off any massive pressure. 

  • Headaches can subside due to the effects of exercise and posture realignment.


These are a few things that we recommend to incorporate into your daily lifestyle to help improve your back pain, sore neck, muscular pain and joint pain.


Choosing a Mount Martha Chiropractor to help with your pain won't cure everything, in most cases though, it can actually reverse the cause of some if not help relieve most of your pain, because we look specifically to the muscular and nervous system of the body. This controls everything, from responses like breathing to every movement we make. 


Saying that chiropractic care is fantastic is an understatement! You may have after treatment pains, don't worry this is normal, you may have things such as fatigue, headaches or muscle soreness.


Keeping your weight within a healthy range will limit the additional strain that is put onto your body. Imagine carrying an extra bag of sand or weight on your back for the whole day, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. All day walking around your body will have that extra weight that will be putting more pressure on your spine, a lot of the time you will find that your body will automatically try to readjust itself, although this can be good it will then cause things such as back pain, sore neck, muscular pain and joint pain. This is why weight control should be one of the first fixes your try. 


Most doctors and spine specialists will also recommend that you strengthen your core muscles, this will ensure better stability and ease any tension on your lower, middle or upper back. 

There are some interesting facts to take note of with stretching as well, stretching not only helps with the muscle being tight and pressured but helps with enhancing the blood flow through to the area of pain, this helps dramatically with relief!



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Mount Martha Back Pain